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All three singles on one list :-))

Posted: May 26, 2014 in ARGH

Check out this playlist… Best of Norwegian electronica music ..!!
And ARGH had got 3 songs among the top 10 🙂

click here to enter the list



Two new single releases !

Posted: May 21, 2014 in ARGH

This week we released no less than TWO SINGLES..!!
The song “WHITOUT ME” is a typical ARGH-Synthpop song , and “HIGHER LOVE” is a more 80’s good feel song. Although both songs have the ARGH signature 🙂
Check them out on Spotify or iTunes 🙂


30.april we did a showcase gig together with two other bands.
Peel and Electro Spectre.
We had a great time, and soon it will be some video clips to find here on the blog and on YouTube 🙂
We had two extra musicians with us on stage. My son Nickolas Main Henriksen and a singer Charlotte Kjær 🙂